Spice It Up Chai Tea Sampler

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Black Tea SymbolA perfect introduction to the wide range of Fusion [Chai] teas. Each sample makes about 8-10 cups of tea. The Teas included are:

Masala Chai - Like many classic masala chais, this one features a more limited array of spices. It focuses on the fiery flavor of ginger, the sweet spice of cinnamon and the bold astringency of black tea. It's hazy red brew has a creamy aroma that can fill the room and a tingly, spiced aftertaste that lasts and lasts…

Turmeric Chai - Spicy aroma pervades the senses. The dry leaf of this enlivening spiced tea blend is varied with clove stems, peppercorns, green cardamom pods and whole chili peppers. Hearty turmeric lends a bright orange tinge to the brew.

Spice Apple Chai - This is a bold blend of black tea, traditional chai spices and crisp apple. Orange peel and apple pieces impart a sweet juiciness, while ginger and cloves deliver a spicy kick.

Chai Spice Yerba Mate This is a really yang tea! It's a complex, innovative and invigorating blend of high-caffeine, woodsy green yerba mate with a handful of piquant chai spices.

Red Bush Chai - Like classic chai blends, our Red Bush Chai supplies a potent mix of warming spices. A focus on cinnamon and star anise deepens the piquancy of this blend, while organic rooibos and honeybush give it a subtle sweet flavor.