Oolong Tea Sampler

  • OOLONG TEA SAMPLER SET includes 5 complex and sophisticated, high-quality samples from our Oolong Tea Collection, Each sample brews 8 first cups of tea
  • SPANS THE SPECTRUM between fully oxidized black tea and only slightly oxidized green tea with each sample demonstrating the diversity and beauty of oolong
  • QUALITY LOOSE-LEAF OOLONG in every sample with its tightly rolled leaves that beautifully unfurl during the brewing process letting loose all those wonderful flavors
  • PERFECT INTRODUCTION TO OOLONG with a carefully crafted selection of teas for either the person new to oolong or simply new to the Fusion Teas family
  • A GREAT GIFT FOR FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS, AND FAMILY who love Green Tea whether it be for a birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion.
  • IDEAL FOR MULTIPLE INFUSIONS these oolong teas can be re-steeped for subsequent infusions not only giving you more value but a unique experience with each steep.
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A perfect introduction to the wide range of Fusion [Oolong] teas. Each sample makes about 8 first cups of tea. The Teas included are:

Goji Berry Peach Oolong - Oolong Tea, Papaya Pieces, Goji Berries, Flavor, Fig Pieces, Peach Pieces, Marigold Petal, Cornflower Petals

Coconut Pouchong - Pouchong Tea, Coconut, Blue Cornflowers, Natural Flavor

Ti Kwan Yin Oolong - Organic Ti Kwan Yin tea from China

Very Velvet Oolong - Oolong, Blue Cornflowers, Strawberry Pieces, Flavor

Elderflower Citrus Oolong - Chinese Ti Kwan Yin Oolong, Elderflower, Apple Pieces, Heather Blossoms, Red Cornflower, Flavor