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Who We Are

Fusion Teas was founded in 2010 and is run by Thomas and Theann Egbert in McKinney, Texas. The Egbert family is focused on spreading health and happiness through high quality teas and products and making loose leaf tea accessible – a healthy habit and something you reach for every day.

Thomas and Theann’s love of tea began when they fell in love with Yerba Maté after learning about its health benefits. They rapidly expanded their cupboard collection of herbal infusions to include hibiscus and other caffeine-free herbs, but saw that most tea companies lack in truly flavorful, unique blends. After sharing their favorites with friends and seeing how much other people love teas that go beyond plain chamomile or basic lemon green tea, they decided to launch their own tea business focused on bold, innovative blends (hence, ‘Fusion’) with a handful of quality pure teas.

They curated a selection of some of the world’s best herbal teas and herbal tea blends, with a spotlight on hibiscus and yerba maté blends, and over the years have kept adding to the collection to include pure teas as well as premium, Organic Certified and Fair Trade teas.

Their business thrives on personal connection and when they are not at their local shop the Egbert family is out at local markets like McKinney’s Third Monday Trade Days. They love meeting customers and converting new tea drinkers. “It’s a great way for us to learn what our customers like, so we can adjust what we offer and make sure we continue to surprise and delight them,” says Thomas Egbert.

Over the years, Fusion has built a loyal social media following, with over 3,000 Facebook fans and over 1,000 followers on both Instagram and Twitter. Their blog is updated several times a week receives on average 4,000-5,000 visitors a month.

About Fusion Teas About Fusion Teas

How We're Different

About Fusion Teas

“At Fusion Teas, we’re not stuck in ideas of what tea ‘should’ be like or what the newest ‘beverage trend’ is this week. Our focus is solely on teas that charm, delight and leave you feeling happy and healthy,” says Thomas.

“Being conscious of price is part of what makes our tea accessible. We know those new to tea or switching from teabags are often not prepared to spend a lot. We keep our costs and mark-ups to a minimum, so we can help you save,” says Thomas. “Our location [a suburb northeast of Dallas] helps to keep costs and prices low, as does being a primarily online business.”

Fusion’s teas are made with only the finest ingredients. Over the years, they have formulated custom blends with a master blender for maximum flavor and delight.

More Than Just Tea!

About Fusion Teas

Cultures of Fermentation

Not only do we sell tea but also delicious fermented drinks: kombucha and kefir (which has a fantastically tangy flavor that we just adore). We are proud to offer two ferment starters—kombucha SCOBYs and kefir grains. Each SCOBY order includes instructions for making your own kombucha at home, while each kefir grains order includes an e-book on DIY kefir and we’re happy to answer any questions! We guarantee they will arrive safe and ready to perform or we will replace them.

About Fusion Teas


Teaware doesn’t have to cost a fortune, be kept away from the kids or require a PhD to use. Fusion’s teaware is selected for its sturdiness, functionality and ability to withstand all life has to throw at it. Modern styles remind Fusion tea drinkers that this is not your grandma’s tea!

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I found Fusion Teas when I ordered my Kefir from them. My Kefir arrived quickly, in great health and with great instructions. I then started looking at the teas that they offered as I have always wanted to try loose tea and I am hooked.”

-Boo Phillips

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