Our Packaging

Pouches that pop

We care about getting fresh, delicious tea to you… and about it staying that way until you're done drinking it. That's why we ship our teas in superior quality packaging. Each bag has a resealable zipper that can be used many, many times without malfunctioning and has a five-layer body that protects your tea from light, moderate heat and humidity.

Tins that you're proud to display

Put your tea on display with our specially designed tins. Each tin has a latch lock to make sure your tea stays as fresh as can be. You can get a plain white tin or take it to the next level and choose one of our 8 category labels.

Boxed Sampler Sets  

Sometimes, it's hard to know just where to start, especially when tea is a totally new thing for someone. In those cases, a sampler set is often a great beginning.

Our boxed sets include 4-5 extra large samples for you to test and see what your favorites are. We only include our best sellers so rest assured you will definitely find a new favorite.