Master Tea Sampler

  • MASTER TEAS SAMPLER SET includes 4 of our highest-grade, artisan teas purely from the camellia sinensis plant, Each sample brews 8-10 cups of tea
  • FAMOUS AMONGST TEA CONNOISSEURS these four teas are well known for their unique quality and sophisticated characteristics
  • CAREFULLY SELECTED these teas are harvested with precise and skillful hands selecting only the young, tender buds and leaves. Each tea is unique in its origin, how it is grown, and processed
  • UPGRADE YOUR TEA GAME with this tea connoisseur starter kit. It is a great way to introduce yourself or others to the world of high-grade tea
  • A SPECIAL GIFT FOR ONLY THE BEST OF FRIENDS & FAMILY who would truly appreciate the delicate nuances and finer features of the tea
  • IDEAL FOR MULTIPLE INFUSIONS these high-quality teas can be re-steeped for subsequent infusions not only giving you more value but a unique experience with each steep
Price: $27.00
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A perfect introduction to the wide range of our best of the best Premium Fusion Teas. Perfect for the tea connoisseur. Each sample makes about 8-10 cups of tea. The Teas included are:

Silver Needle White Tea - Organic Yin Zhen (Silver Needle) White Tea

Monkey Picked Oolong Tea - Exquisite Chinese Oolong

Gyokuro Green Tea - Shade-grown Japanese green tea

Honey Black - Black Tea - Luxurious and Rare Black Tea from the East Coast of Taiwan