Top Shelf Tea Sampler

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Top Shelf Tea SymbolA perfect introduction to the wide range of our best of the best Premium Fusion Teas. Perfect for the tea connoisseur. Each sample makes about 8-10 cups of tea. The Teas included are:

Silver Needle White Tea - This tea is a complete treat. The long, downy buds of this tea are medium green to almost white and are strikingly different from most other tealeaves. Differences are apparent in the luxurious cup they produce as well. The aroma is honeyed, alfalfa-like and a bit vegetal. The exceptionally smooth, woody flavor is completely free from astringency. It bears hints of mellow roasted nuts and fresh sweet herbs. The soft, creamy mouthfeel lingers with delicately warmed sugared notes in the finish. The result is comforting and refreshing, and this tea’s pure character and sophisticated flavor offer a complete experience unlike any you’ve had before.

Monkey Picked Oolong Tea - The unfurling leaf of this exquisite oolong produces a clear, golden cup and brings forward an earthy aroma. The flavors are complex, with accents of roasted nuts and caramel. Apricot, orchid and honey undertones shine through with a subtle sweetness in the cup. There is a soothing character to this tea. The smooth-bodied infusion offers a clean, refreshing finish and a lingering calm.

Jasmine Pearls Green Tea - This superb hand-rolled jasmine green tea features tightly rolled pearls with pleasing variations in color and leaf texture. When steeped, the pearls slowly unfurl into a light, sweet cup. The glowing brew is highly aromatic; a fresh green menagerie with distinct jasmine overtones. The blossom-forward aroma, defined green flavor and rich honeyed notes bring forward a delightful cup. Slightly sweet notes are balanced with a vegetal tone and a smooth, lightweight body. This is a tea to savor slowly... floral flavors linger in the aftertaste and the brew doesn't turn bitter as it continues to steep.

Golden Monkey Black Tea The subtly sweet aroma precedes the beautiful dried leaves. The long, slim leaf is twisted and varied in warm colors from medium amber to dark brown. Golden buds are interspersed. The infusion is soft, with mellow notes of semi-sweet chocolate, leather and caramel. Absolutely no bitterness. The soft mouthfeel imparts a very pleasant, satisfying aftertaste. This complex flavor profile is a real treat for black tea enthusiasts.