Japanese Gyokuro Green Tea

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Green Tea SymbolThe Gyokuro Green Tea Experience: meditative focusTea Grown in Shade

Our Japanese Gyokuro Green Tea expresses the ancient, meditative lifestyle of The Land of the Rising Sun. Unique and rewarding, Gyokuro is a Zen-inducing green tea which abounds in beneficial compounds and nuanced flavors.

Tasting Notes: clean, green, brothy

The needle-like leaves of our Gyokuro Green Tea produce a brew that is surprisingly soft and luscious. It has a satisfying, brothy flavor and mouthfeel that’s known as umami in Japan. It’s pleasingly sweet and, above all, it’s green, green, green. Think baby spinach, fresh peas, sauteed asparagus, wheatgrass, spirulina... now you get the idea. A rich aroma, bright green color and lingering, sweet aftertaste further distinguish our Gyokuro from other green teas.

Ingredients: Shade grown Japanese green tea.

  • Caffeine Level
  • tea measurement 1.5 tsp Per Cup
  • tea temperature 160°
  • tea steep time 1 Minutes

Additional Information

Savoring Your Experience:

Gyokuro is at its best when it is brewed with water that is barely simmering. Experiment with water temperatures and steeping times to find your ideal brew.

True to its origins, Gyokuro is fantastic with Japanese foods. We especially recommend it with sashimi or wagashi (Japanese sweets). It's also delightful with cornbread or corn muffins, duck, most seafood dishes (especially broiled salmon) or vanilla ice cream topped with fresh strawberries.

Fun Facts:

Several weeks before harvest, the tea plants are shaded from direct sunlight and, like someone deep in meditation, they are transformed in subtle (yet numerous) ways. The leaves' green color is intensified, their flavor is enriched and their levels of L-theanine and other beneficial compounds are multiplied. The result is a beautiful, delicious and healthy tea that's as good tasting as it is good for you.