Blueberry Muffin Hibiscus Fruit Tisane

Tasting Notes: Creamy, Smooth, and Juicy

With the sweet, tartness of blueberries and the creamy notes of apple and vanilla, this juicy and flavorful tisane makes for an amazing breakfast tea. Its beautiful aroma is reminiscent of freshly baked blueberry muffins coming fresh out of the oven. The juicy blueberries are complimented by the addition of apple, caramel, and vanilla and the rosehip and yogurt pieces add an extra depth of flavor.

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Savoring the Experience:

The beauty of hibiscus tisanes is that they generally allow for a variety of brewing styles. Enjoy this infusion as a hot cup of tea or as an iced summertime treat. While we usually prefer this tea hot, if you allow it to cool down to room temp, it will actually give the brew more time for the flavor to mellow out and meld more beautifully together. Think of it like a secondary steep.


Apple Pieces, Hibiscus Pieces, Rose Hip Peel, Caramel Pieces, Flavor, Yogurt and Blueberry Pieces, Blue Mallow Petals.

  • Caffeine Level
  • tea measurement 1.5 tsp Per Cup
  • tea temperature 212°
  • tea steep time 4-8 Minutes

Fun Facts:

Blueberries are naturally packed with antioxidant power and nutritional benefits. As one of the few fruits native to North America, blueberries have been enjoyed by Americans for hundreds of years. They grow wild, and are cultivated for a number of uses in foods like jellies, jams, syrups, vinegars, fruit salads, frozen yogurts and smoothies.