Honey Mead Black Tea

Tasting Notes: Honey, Ice Wine, Gardenia

This intoxicating blend is a powerful fruit infusion full of honey notes and, in fact, devoid of any alcohol. The only buzz you may get from this tea is from the combination of caffeine and L-theanine. However, when you taste the distinct flavors reminiscent of mascot grapes, tart cherries, as well as strong notes of honey, you’ll know why we call this tea Honey Mead.

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Savoring the Experience:

Of course, this Honey Mead Black Tea is amazing all by its lonesome, however, it can also match wits with hearty meals like lamb stew or coconut chicken curry. It also pairs well with raw honeycomb, fancy cheeses, and bread pudding.


Black Tea, Apple Pieces, Sultanas, Apple Cubes, Flavor, Cherry Pieces, Propolis


  • Caffeine Level
  • tea measurement 1.5 tsp Per Cup
  • tea temperature 203°
  • tea steep time 3-5 Minutes

Fun Facts:

Did you know that tea and mead are the world’s oldest beverages? Mead is made of fermented honey and water and is often mixed with fruit and spices. Tea, in and of itself, is a beverage of great antiquity, but this Honey Mead Black Tea is an ode to the equally ancient alcoholic beverage we know and love.