Winter Solstice Herbal Tea

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Herbal Tea SymbolThe Winter Solstice Experience: cozy, bright, warmingWinter Solstice Tea

Winter Solstice is a cheerful, comforting blend of sweetness with a hint of spice. Warming notes of star anise and cinnamon bring to mind memories of Christmas morning, while tangy apple and hibiscus add a crisp note and fragrant orange peel rounds it out. The result? An inspiring blend that's perfect all year 'round!

Tasting Notes: mulled cider, candied orange, vanilla

Sweet fruity notes, spice and a hint of creamy almond create an enticing blend, reminiscent of spiced coffeecake with almond buttercream. Winter Solstice is light and bright: the perfect tea to represent hope for the new year and the coming spring.

Ingredients: Apple pieces, orange peel, hibiscus blossoms, blackberry leaves, almonds, carrot, star aniseed, cinnamon, flavor, silver linden blossoms, cranberry, pomegranate arils, and rose petals.

  • Caffeine Level
  • tea measurement 1.5 tsp Per Cup
  • tea temperature 212°
  • tea steep time 5 Minutes

Additional Information

Savoring Your Experience:

Winter Solstice is the perfect tea to serve after a holiday feast. Sweet and refreshing fruity notes will cleanse the palate, while earthy star anise and cinnamon may help aid digestion. Adding a small pinch of sweetener will help the spice notes shine through, and as as an iced tea, orange and star anise flavors come to the forefront.

Fun Facts:

Winter Solstice, also called Midwinter or Yuletide, symbolizes hope: it marks the longest night of the year after which the days slowly become longer. It signifies a turning point, marking positive things to come. As you sip this exquisite herbal blend, take a moment to celebrate that the future is indeed full of good things.


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  • 5
    My Most Favorite Tea!

    Posted by Robn on Mar 29th 2014

    What a pleasant surprise to receive this packet of tea! A friend recommended Winter Solstice and I could not find this brand where we live. Luckily after searching online we found Fusion Teas. This is the only tea that my husband and I love! It is so visually pleasing, you almost hate to put it in water. The aroma is amazing and the taste makes you want to sit back, close your eyes and melt into the couch. We are also offering this brand in our vacation rental, and they love it!

  • 5
    Winter Solice

    Posted by CW on Sep 28th 2012

    This is one my favorite teas to drink year round. It's light, refreshing, and calming.

  • 4
    Look at that list of ingredients!

    Posted by C on Apr 4th 2012

    The flavor was different than any other tea I’ve tried, but there are many ingredients here I’ve never had in tea. It’s a bit tangy like a creamsicle flavor. It has its own flavor! With herbal teas, I think they need a nice base to really bring out a strong flavor, but this tea couldn’t possibly be more crammed with delicious ingredients. Look at the list! Almonds! Rose petals! Even carrots! There was a WHOLE anise star seed in my steep fercrisakes. Those are bigger than a quarter!

  • 5
    My favorite so far!!!

    Posted by Dana Jones on Dec 1st 2010

    As of Dec 1, 2010, Winter Solstice is my very favorite of the Fusion Teas!!! A variety of flavors all at once and soooooo tasty!!! Toward the fruity side, am drinking hot on a cool evening...would probably be good cold as well! And it's a pretty tea as well!!! I love it!!