50-50 Delight | Orange Creamsicle Black Tea

Tasting Notes: Creamy, Sweet, Bold

Did you ever snag a 50/50 bar from the ice cream man as a kid? That creamy dreamsicle bar with half vanilla ice cream on the inside and half orange popsicle on the outside made for a delicious summertime treat. This 50-50 Delight Black Tea is an ode to that classic combination of flavors. It combines a complexity of flavors including the bold richness of black tea, the sweetness and sourness of orange peel, and the creamy silkiness of coconut. It’s citrusy, sweet, and a bit floral.

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Savoring the Experience:

This tea can be enjoyed as a hot drink in the depth of winter and as an iced drink during the heat of summer. Bring back some memories and enjoyed this tea as a refreshing iced tea. Add some sweetener when preparing iced as it tends to lose some sweetness when cold.


Black tea, orange peel, coconut, flavor.


  • Caffeine Level
  • tea measurement 1.5 tsp Per Cup
  • tea temperature 203°
  • tea steep time 4-5 Minutes

Fun Facts:

An 11yr old kid, at the time, named Frank Epperson is credited with the invention of the 50/50 bar. He experimented with covering vanilla ice cream with a small layer of frozen fruit juice. He named his concoction the Epsicle which evolved into the creamsicle, dreamsicle, and popsicle.