Tea Storage Tin With Latch - Medium

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Show off your tea in our elegant tea tins. Our specially designed latch lock tins are air tight to protect and keep your loose tea as fresh as can be from the outside elements. You may choose either one of our eight category labels or keep it plain and simple.Tins in Kitchen

Tin Dimensions: 3-3/4 inches x 5-1/8 inches

Below is a table of approximately how much each type of tea will fit inside a tin

CategoryApprox Weight
Black 6-8 Ounces
Green 6-7 Ounces
Oolong 7-8 Ounces
White 2-4 Ounces
Herbal 5-8 Ounces
Rooibos 7-8 Ounces
Hibiscus 7-9 Ounces
Yerba Mate 6-7 Ounces