Chamomile Lemon Mint Herbal Tea

Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Caramel, Floral

An amazing combination of flavors that enhance the classic chamomile concoction. With the large and ever-famous blossoms of chamomile, the citrus tang of lemongrass, and the soft and smooth taste of vanilla bean, you get to experience the calm, relaxing characteristics of the tea with flavors that excite. The addition of organic honeybush and tropical coconut gives the brew a depth that adds to its dreamy allure.

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Savoring the Experience:

Generally, the experience of chamomile is reserved for the evening with its naturally caffeine-free nature and its calming characteristics, but with these flavors and the overall goodness of the infusion, we don’t blame you for wanting to enjoy it any time throughout your day.


Chamomile, Organic Honeybush, Lemongrass, Licorice, Hand-Cut Vanilla Bean, Stevia Leaf, Sea Salt, Chicory, Honey, Coconut, Natural Flavor

  • Caffeine Level
  • tea measurement 2 tsp Per Cup
  • tea temperature 212°
  • tea steep time 8 Minutes

Fun Facts:

The vanilla bean is popular for its beautiful aroma and smooth delicious flavor. Not only is it a common ingredient in a variety of beverages, but it can also be found in many sweet, as well as savory, dishes. If you really love vanilla, let a vanilla bean sit in one cup of sugar, closed tightly for a month, and then use that vanilla sugar to sweeten this herbal infusion for a sweeter, vanilla-forward cup.