Apple Kiwi Green Tea

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Green Tea SymbolThe Apple Kiwi Green Tea Experience: Select, Rare, Valuable and Green!Apple and Kiwi

This green tea blend will brighten your day! Sunny kiwi pieces meld with sweet apple to create this fantastic cup. The tart-sour, zesty kiwi highlights the brew and complements the sencha green tea base impeccably.

Tasting Notes: Bright, juicy, zesty

Chunky fruit pieces contrast with the bright green, long, flat green leaf. The golden infusion is light bodied and emits a fragrant fruity aroma. Delightfully refreshing, this medium caffeine tea will give you a slight energy boost, a dose of antioxidants and taste superb!

Ingredients: Green tea, apple pieces, lemon peel, flavor, kiwi pieces

  • Caffeine Level
  • tea measurement 1.5 tsp Per Cup
  • tea temperature 175°
  • tea steep time 2-3 Minutes

Additional Information

Savoring Your Experience:

Brew this green tea at a lower temperature. This flavored green tea would be perfect with a fresh fruit salad. Kiwis go perfectly with strawberries and bananas. Green Apple Kiwi Green Tea would also be ideal alongside a grilled salmon fillet.

This tea is delicious hot or iced. Remember to brew at double strength for iced tea.

Fun Facts:

Kiwis are deceptively plain in appearance. Under that fuzzy brown surface, you’ll find a bright green seeded fruit bursting with flavor. Kiwis are also a little hard to eat. We have found the best way to eat a kiwi is to cut it in half, widthwise. Then, carefully slice each half into quarters. Next, insert a spoon right at the inside edge of the skin and loop around inside the halved kiwi to separate the skin from the fruity meat. Now you can hold that half in the palm of your hand and spoon out four bites.