Good Morning Yerba Mate

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Yerba Mate SymbolThe Good Morning Mate Experience: delightful, invigorating, chai-likeCoconut

This spicy brew brings several flavors together in a delicious cup and just may replace your morning coffee ritual.

Tasting Notes: warm spices, roasty

This aromatic blend's cobalt blue cornflower petals contrast beautifully with the reddish hues of the roasted mate and rooibos. The well-balanced combination of cinnamon and cloves offers a deep, rich infusion. A spiciness shines through. Pleasant roasted notes accentuate the strong flavors and coconut flakes add creaminess. Those who love chai will adore this blend!

Ingredients: Roasted mate, rooibos, cocoa bits, coconut flakes, cinnamon, cloves, cornflower blossoms and flavor.

  • Caffeine Level
  • tea measurement 1 tbs Per Cup
  • tea temperature 180°
  • tea steep time 3-5 Minutes

Additional Information

Savoring Your Experience:

Add a few pieces of rock sugar and a splash of your favorite milk to emulate a creamy masala chai. At breakfast, enjoy Good Morning Mate with a hard-boiled egg on hearty multigrain toast.

Fun Facts:

For centuries, South Americans sipped yerba mate for its rejuvenating effects. Nutrients found in yerba mate are said to affect your metabolism to make your body use carbohydrates more efficiently, helping you to get more energy from the food you eat. Now that's a good way to start your day!


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  • 5
    A Tea to Always have at Hand

    Posted by Cynthia Vogel on May 18th 2018

    I have come by a free sample size of “Good Morning Mate” and out of the three flavored mates I have tried, I must say that this one is the best. I put a bit of honey and cream in to my Vacuum Press Tea Tumbler which I opened yesterday from the mail, I added tea and water and then PRESS-to! --the perfect cup of Mate! It is smooth...not bitter like mate can sometimes be. It has a nice flavor, I used much less honey than I had in the bare, naked Mate I had been using…and just a drop of light cream. I definitely will be ordering a larger package of this Mate very soon…highly recommended. I will be reviewing the tea tumbler separately soon also.

  • 5
    Favorite tea

    Posted by pam on Feb 19th 2017

    This is my very favorite tea of all

  • 5
    Very Pleased

    Posted by Mary on Nov 29th 2013

    I love the taste though at 1st i wasn't sure i would. It has a 'unique' somewhat 'chocolately' taste. It's easy to prepare/energy without caffeine jitters. Packaging is great, with a resealable bag that 'stands up' on it's own. I was pleasantly surprised large sample of another 'flavor' of Mate. I'm very, very pleased with Fusion Teas and will continue to make purchases from them

  • 5
    A staple

    Posted by Edie Summerford on Sep 14th 2012

    Still one of my favorite items. This tea has become a staple at my house. It makes a great iced tea.

  • 5
    So yummy

    Posted by Stephanie Bright on Aug 21st 2011

    I'm a Yerba Mate girl and have been drinking it for years. I received this blend as a free sample and found it to be so yummy! I love this blend it really does start the day off right.

  • 5
    Absolutely Amazing!

    Posted by Brian Evans on Feb 7th 2011

    Drinking it right now! I've been a big fan of yerba mate tea for over 15 years, and I've tried almost every brand, or blend or yerba mate out there. I can say without a doubt, that this is the BEST blend I have ever tasted! I think it has a wonderful smell, but the taste is just amazing. Can't wait to try the other blends now!

  • 4
    Very Tasty

    Posted by Sean Makau on Jan 10th 2011

    As an avid Yerba Mate drinker, I have grown my pallet to enjoy strong things. This does not only mean my taste buds, my nose as well. On that note, a VERY TASTY blend. The Mate wasn't as potent but was there and it gave me a good energy boost. Great tasting blend.

  • 5
    Great Stuff !

    Posted by Jackie Anderson on Aug 12th 2010

    A friend recommended trying this to cut down on coffee. It is fabulous.I think I like it better than coffee and I have been a coffee drinker for 30 years. This is great stuff!