Everyday Matcha Green Tea Powder

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Green Tea SymbolThe Everyday Matcha Experience: invigorating, brisk, distinctiveMatcha Prepared

Matcha is different than any other tea you'll taste. Because it's the green tea in powdered form, it must be whisked or blended rather than brewed. The result is a rich, vegetal green tea with a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. Whisked tea is a very old style of preparing tea that was elevated to an art form through the Japanese tea ceremony. Today, matcha is incredibly popular for its health benefits and as a gourmet addition to both sweet and savoury cuisine.

Tasting Notes: grassy, vegetal, bittersweet chocolate

Enjoyed by itself with just hot water, Everyday Matcha starts with a gentle yet robust vegetal green, like fresh spinach. It moves very quickly to subtle sweetness with notes of chestnuts and bittersweet chocolate. This Matcha is a medium to high grade matcha that is economically priced to be able to be enjoyed everyday. Everyday Matcha is also perfect for blending into food and drink alike. Experiment to see which ways you love to enjoy Everyday Matcha the most!

Ingredients: Organic Japanese green tea powder.

  • Caffeine Level
  • tea temperature 165°
  • tea measurement 1 tsp Per Cup ~ Mix to a frothy consistency

Additional Information

Savoring Your Experience:

Since matcha is green tea in powdered form, it can be mixed into everything from lemonade and cookies, to granola and salad dressings. Blend Everyday Matcha into tea lattes, smoothies, shakes, ice cream and more; the options are endless!

Fun Facts:

With Everyday Matcha, you are drinking the entire leaf, rather than steeping and removing the leaves. Because of this, matcha contains far more nutrients than a regular cup of tea. Some studies indicate that matcha may have eight times the antioxidants than regular green tea. Plus, matcha contains potent levels of L-theanine, the property in tea which induces feelings of mental alertness combined with relaxation. In ancient times, monks used matcha to help them meditate. Today, you can use it to help you focus at work or school.