Pu-erh Black Tea

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Black Tea SymbolThe Organic Pu-erh Experience: classically earthy, grounding, matureAged Pu-erh Tea

What is Pu-erh? Simply, it is a post-fermented and aged black tea from southern China. This traditional Chinese black tea is aged to achieve its dark brown liquor and a natural earthy, mellow taste. This is a satisfying cup.

Tasting Notes: rich, musky, turned earth

Like a fine wine, the aging process of pu-erh tea creates a complex and utterly smooth cup. The thick liquid emits an earthy aroma that highlights the phrase “cave-like” in the best way. One can detect a slight sweetness in the aroma as well, alluding to the complexity of the drink. This unique tea has a medium body, silky smooth mouthfeel and not a trace of bitterness.

Ingredients: Organic Aged Black Tea from Yunnan Province in China

  • Caffeine Level
  • tea measurement 1.5 tsp Per Cup
  • tea temperature 200°
  • tea steep time 2-3 Minutes

Additional Information

Savoring Your Experience:

Pu-erh is considered to have digestive benefits and is often served with a larger oily stir-fry or meat-based meals. For lighter fare, consider pairing it with Manchego sheep cheese, rustic breads and salted olive oil Marcona almonds.

Fun Facts:

Our Pu-erh tea is loose-leaf, but Pu-erh is often presented in round, flat cakes. Originally, pressing tea leaves into flat cakes or “bricks” made the tea easier to transport on ships or on the back of horses. Their compressed shape was also more space efficient and easier to store during the aging process.