Fresh Water Kefir Grains / Crystals

Experience the incredible benefits of water kefir with our premium water kefir grains. If you're seeking an affordable and convenient way to enhance your gut health, look no further. Our water kefir grains allow you to effortlessly create delicious water kefir in the comfort of your own home.

Water kefir, a naturally fermented probiotic beverage, works wonders for your digestive system by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria. Our grains are grown fresh and vibrant, never subjected to drying or dormant storage. We continueally cycle them with sugar cane, unsulphered dried aprocots and filtered water, ensuring they remain lively, active, and perfectly balanced.

With their quick activation time, these water kefir grains are ready to kickstart your homemade brew. And, in the rare event that they don't revive as expected, we've got you covered. We stand behind the quality of our grains, and if needed, we'll swiftly send you a replacement batch. Take the first step towards a healthier gut today with our exceptional water kefir grains.

1/4 Cup makes approx 4-6 cups of Water Kefir every 48hrs
1/2 Cup makes approx 8-10 cups of Water Kefir every 48hrs
1 Cup makes approx 1 gallon of Water Kefir every 48hrs

Price: $14.99
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