Sencha Supreme Green Tea

Tasting Notes: Seaweed, Vegetal, Umami

If you love Sencha then you must try our Sencha Supreme. It is an organic first-flush, steamed green tea that is full of complex and nuanced flavors. The minerals of the sea enrich the fertile soil transferring its flavor and goodness to the leaves. Its golden-green infusion offers notes of seaweed and vegetation along with a lingering sweetness that compliments its rich, brothy savor.

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Savoring the Experience:

With the smooth savoriness of umami, this premium tea is ideally paired with sashimi, sushi, and fresh salmon, bringing out the natural flavors within.


First Flush, Organic, Steamed Green Tea



  • Caffeine Level
  • tea measurement 1.5 Per Cup
  • tea temperature 170°
  • tea steep time 1 Minutes

Fun Facts:

Pan-firing teas in a wok or heating them in an oven are popular ways of halting the oxidation process in green teas. However, countries including Japan and South Korea use steam as the most popular method of heating the leaves. It makes for a tea that is lighter, less roasted, and more vegetal in flavor.