Chocolate Cake Honeybush

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Rooibos Tea SymbolThe Chocolate Cake Honeybush Tea Experience: subtle, creamy chocolateSlice of Chocolate Cake

This infusion is a divine, healthful way to indulge in a classic dessert.

Tasting Notes: soft, smooth, cake-like

The aroma of this blend is pure chocolate cake. Bittersweet chocolate bits and charming rosebuds mix with the red honeybush leaf to create a dark, rich infusion. Delicate honeybush flavors are the perfect companion for chocolate. Caramel adds a creamy sweetness, and slight nuttiness, for unparalleled balance in this delectable dessert in a cup. A smooth creaminess lingers on and on after the last sip...

Ingredients: Honeybush, chocolate chips, caramel cream pieces, flavoring, rosebuds.

  • Caffeine Level
  • tea measurement 1.5 tsp Per Cup
  • tea temperature 208°
  • tea steep time 5 Minutes

Additional Information

Savoring Your Experience:

Naturally caffeine free, this sweet treat makes a wonderful dessert at the end of your day. Steep it a little longer (up to ten minutes) for more chocolate flavor. Add a splash of your favorite milk and a piece of German rock sugar to enhance the creamy sweetness.

Fun Facts:

South Africa's Eastern Cape is home to both honeybush and rooibos. Honeybush has a smooth, gentle, honeyed flavor and is slightly fuller bodied than rooibos. Like rooibos, honeybush is naturally caffeine free, and it has a clean and refreshing taste that makes a fantastic base for herbal blends. Honeybush has no astringency and a low tannin content, so it is especially suitable for children.


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  • 5
    Chocolate-y Goodness!

    Posted by Destiny on Oct 23rd 2016

    You totally can’t judge this tea by the smell of the dried leaves alone. When you take a whiff of the dry blend, it’s more of a caramel creme smell. It’s only after hot water melts the chocolate bits that the smell of chocolate come through; along with notes of toasty vanilla and a subtle hint of floral. I didn’t find the floral rose notes until I began looking for them, but after you’re aware, it does add a nice complexity to the cup. I should also add that I’ve never liked a chocolate desert type tea. I guess I’ve changed my mind!

  • 5
    Guiltless Chocolate Cake

    Posted by Lisa on Mar 22nd 2013

    Wow! This cup of tea seriously tastes like chocolate cake. The nice thing is that I can indulge without the guilt of the excess calories that come with eating a piece of chocolate cake.

  • 5
    YUM and DOES HELP Sinus stuff!

    Posted by Dana Jones on Jan 15th 2012

    I have a bit of a sinus/allergy thing going, so not feeling great. Made a cup of this tea, sat down, started sipping, and immediately started feeling better. Went back and read about Rooibos, now I'm a believer!! The tea itself is delightful, has a nice hint of chocolate to it, not overpowering like a cup of cocoa would be. Made in my keurig kcup, put in two tsp, made 2 large cups of tea!!

  • 5
    Another winner

    Posted by Sivan Ajami on Aug 8th 2011

    Wow, another amazing tea. Each one has unique flavors, but none fall from the high standards that I am coming to learn characterizes all Fusion's teas. This tea, when hot, is really chocolate cake. But not just. There is the sweet honeybush base that lends it's distinctive sweetness. Put all together, it's a wonderful cup! When cold, it's more honeybush than chocolate, but that's good too, because the honeybush is delicious in itself.