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Cultures for Fermentation

How did anyone ever think that fermented food is a BAD thing? We’re so glad that people are increasingly realizing how healthy and (above all) how DELICIOUS fermented foods (and drinks!) can be. Our personal favorites? Kombucha (obviously, I mean… we are a tea company) and kefir (which has a fantastically tangy flavor that we just adore).

We are proud to offer two ferment starters—kombucha SCOBYs and kefir grains—which we raise with love and with quality bacteria foods, including mountain spring water, our very own teas and milk from grass-fed cows. Each SCOBY order includes instructions for making your own kombucha at home, while each kefir grains order includes an e-book on DIY kefir.

Bonus: The kombucha comes with a starter tea and the kefir grains arrive in a BPA-free, food-safe pouch.

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