Double Wall Glass Tea Cup with Infuser

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This 15 oz. double wall glass tea cup is composed of extra thick borosilicate glass, which is durable and thermal shock resistant. The stainless steel tea infuser for loose tea can be filled for repeated brews. Our mug is designed to be ultra light giving you a great drinking experience. It features an ultra-fine stainless steel strainer to filter even the smallest tea particles. The glass is double walled to keep your tea hot and your hands safe and the infuser has plenty of room for the tea leaves to unfurl.

The lid helps to keep your tea hot and also doubles as a coaster when your tea is finished steeping.

How to Use: Place the infuser into the mug and add a desired amount of tea leaves. Pour hot water over the tea. Place lid back on mug to let it steep. When the tea is finished steeping take off the lid and place it upside down. Take out the infuser and place on top of lid and enjoy your tea. Easy to use. Easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. The glass will stand temperatures from -68F to +300F.