Mao Feng Green Tea

Tasting Notes: Rich, Sweet & Savory

Our Organic Mao Feng Green Tea is a classic Chinese green tea done one better. The tiny, delicate pan-fired leaves are bursting with a rich, sweet, and savory aroma that infuses into a golden-green brew of rich, roasted umami flavor. Each silky sweet sip imparts a gentle grassy flavor followed by subtle floral notes.

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Savoring the Experience:

This tea pairs well with a rice bowl. We’re talking brown rice, a variety of veggies, chicken, and a generous amount of miso-soy sauce and sesame seeds. Some things just go better together.


Organic Chinese Green Tea


  • Caffeine Level
  • tea measurement 1 tbs Per Cup
  • tea temperature 160°
  • tea steep time 1 Minutes

Fun Facts:

The famous Chinese Mao Feng green tea is processed using only the youngest and tiniest leaves including the bud which is the unopened leaf and the first leaf or smallest leaf just below the bud. The harvest takes some skill, but the process pays off in the final brew.