Fresh Milk Kefir Grains - Organic

Fresh Milk Kefir Grains - Organic
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Fresh Milk Kefir Grains - Organic

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Our Organic Kefir Grains have been carefully taken care of. We have obtained them from multiple sources. This helps us offer the best possible kefir with as many different bacteria strains possible. Here at Fusion Teas we are all about health and wellness. Adding Kefir to your diet is one of the best things you can do for yourself. We have been selling kefir grains for many years and have a lot of experience. These grains are fresh and take very little time activating after their transit time. They have never been dried or stored in a dormant state. We give them fresh milk daily to keep them healthy, active and very well balanced. The kefir they produce within 24 hours has a wonderful consistency. They will begin to grow very quickly as you take care of them. You may use any type of milk that is available to you.

Our Guarantee:
We have expeience shipping the kefir grains all over the world and are so confident they will revive after receiving them that we offer a guarantee. No matter what season, and no matter what the weather. If they do not revive we will send a new order to you free of charge.

We carefully package them and use a foil bubble wrap to protect them from extreme temperatures. Then placed in a box to avoid being smashed. They come with a guarantee and a free comprehensive 29 page eBook written by us that includes history, health benefits, instructions, tips, tricks, FAQ’s and recipes to help you along the way. You will be able to download this eBook after purchase. The link will be in your order confirmation email.

We shipped First Class by the USPS for $3.95. Because we are centrally located in the US, this typically takes 3-5 days. If you would like to upgrade to Priority shipping with a more reliable 2-3 day shipping period you may does so. The $2.00 upgrade added to the standard $3.95 = $5.95 for the total shipping for priority.

Don't take our word for it. Read some of the wonderful reveiws from our happy customers. We also have the best reviews on Amazon. Accept only the Best from Fusion Teas!

•Live, Active Kefir Grains Feast on Grass Fed Whole Milk
•Comprehensive 29 page eBook will teach you all you need to know about Kefir including Tips, Tricks, Detailed Instructions with pictures & Recipes
•Grains are Shipped in a sealed food grade BPA free pouch
•Grains arrive alive and ready so little activation time is required. Guaranteed to make delicious Kefir

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Great Kefir Grains and Support! - Verified Buyer
Purchased 1 TBS a month ago. eBook was very helfpul as were the quick responses to any questions I had. Makes a great kefir beverage and my grains are healthy and plentiful.
- Phil, New York. on 7/29/2015

Fresh Milk Kefir Grains - Verified Buyer
Love these grains! They arrived fresh and in great condition. Far superior in taste to previous grains I had been given. I have already shared them and plan to do so again soon.
- Sandra A, Blaine WA. on 7/24/2015

Kefir Grains - Verified Buyer
Excellent in every respect. Very happy with shipping, packaging and directions. But most of all these grains are great. I first tried a popular online source for kefir grains. I wasn't happy with those. These are bigger, more potent and more of 'em. They make great tasting kefir. I just wish y'all sold yogurt starter too!
- Deni, Dallas. on 7/23/2015

kefir grains - Verified Buyer
I ordered 1 tbs and added priority shipping upgrade because I didn't want them in the heat any more than necessary. They looked great upon arrival. I got them a little over a month ago and they have grown exponentially. This is my first experience with kefir so I have nothing to compare it to, but have been very happy with the purchase.
- Nancy, Illinois. on 7/17/2015

Kefir Grains - Verified Buyer
These grains are great! Arrived very healthy and productive! The e-book is very helpful, as is the YouTube video. The grains have been growing and multiplying well. I will never buy store bought again!
- Jessie, Altoona, IA. on 7/13/2015

Mrs - Verified Buyer
This was my first time to order kefir grains. I read how great kefir is for you and decided to give it a try. I had no trouble making kefir with these grains and as a matter of fact they have reproduced an unbelievable amount!! I have an excess amount of theses wonderful grains. I highly recommend fusion teas. The grains are wonderful and instructions were terrific. Thank you for a super product.
- Laura McRee, Plano, TX. on 7/9/2015

Kefir Grains - Verified Buyer
I think the Kefir Grains are awesome !!! I make mine with raw organic grass fed milk !!! The grains are multiplying nicely. The kefir taste great !!!
- Ken Cornell, New York. on 7/3/2015

Mrs - Verified Buyer
I have used Kefir grains several times in the past and have had to give up on them for multiple reasons. Moving being one of the biggest hindrances. I have purchased from this company before and the grains worked great so when I found myself in need of more I returned for more. They were received exactly as described and were very healthy. They went to work immediately on the milk, this is in late spring with much warmer weather, and I now have a regular supply of kefir for fruitshakes.
- Tracy G, Concord Virginia. on 6/18/2015