Pure Green Tea Sampler

Price: $14.00


Green Tea SymbolA perfect introduction to our most popular Pure Green teas. Each extra large sample makes about 10 cups of tea. The Teas included are:

White Monkey Green - The brewed tea is peachy in color, hinting at the flavors of stone fruits yet to come. Light aromas of apricot, seaweed and white flowers give way to a sweet, fruity, floral and surprisingly full bodied flavor profile. A balancing astringency plays out in the flavor and aftertaste alike, ending in a bittersweet note like that of an unripe nectarine.

Mao Feng Green - Highly aromatic, with the savory-sweet aroma of a spring meadow, they brew into a green-gold brew with a rich scent. The infusion is savory and sweet, grassy without being brash, palate-filling and umami-rich. Roasty hints, floral notes and a lush "green" taste give this tea a classic Chinese green tea flavor profile, and a refreshing, lasting finish leaves you wanting more.

Sencha Green - The natural-looking, rough leaves of this organic green tea hint at its equally natural flavor. The golden-green infusion is sweet, with notes of freshly cut wildflowers and toasted nuts. Its aftertaste is earthy and floral, with some balancing astringency.

Temple of Heaven Green - This formidable tea is characterized by its muted green and artfully curled leaves, its roasty, toasty aroma, its thick mouthfeel and its nutty, green, moderately astringent flavor. It finishes with a "Pow!"—a bold astringency that makes this green tea especially food-friendly.