Just Peachy Tea Sampler

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Green Tea SymbolA perfect introduction to our most popular Peach teas. Each extra large sample makes about 10 cups of tea. The Teas included are:

Peach Fuzz White Tea - This summery blend is a melange of slender white tea buds and stems punctuated with bright bits of papaya and safflower. It brews into a light and cheery, orange-colored infusion that speaks to its summery flavor. The complex aroma is malty and rich, with notes of baked sweets (think: peach cobbler, apple pie). The flavor is reminiscent of a summer day on a Georgia peach orchard - sweet, succulent, juicy - with hints of apple and a malty, floral white tea base.

Peach Infusion Hibiscus - The juicy peach notes of this blend come forward in the first sip. Hibiscus blossoms, apples, papaya, currants, blueberries and strawberries round out into a very fruity blend. Peach mellows out the tart hibiscus and berries, while apple adds a creamy note. The aftertaste is like a sweet fruit orchard in summer...

Tropical Peach Oolong - Sublime and sweet but not overpowering, Tropical Peach leaves you with a lingering happiness, just like those memories of childhood summers.

Peach Vineyard Black Tea - This blend is reminiscent of a bold, sweet red wine. Deep, luscious flavor offer hints of black currant, and are reminiscent of harvest season on a vineyard. With a solid, full-flavored black tea as its base, our Peach Vineyard has a bouquet of berry, earthy undertones and a winey character. The body is almost thick, nectar-like. A subtle peachiness and tartness plays out with hints of soft spice and natural sweetness.