Energy Boost Tea Sampler

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Yerba Mate SymbolA perfect introduction to our most popular Energy Boost teas. Each extra large sample makes about 10 cups of tea. The Teas included are:

Amazon Spice Guayusa - Bright, citrusy, organic lemongrass is foiled with rich, enticing, organic cinnamon and earthy, green, organic Guayusa. Dry, Amazon Spice's colors are like muted fall leaves, yet brewed its color is a honeyed, bright, golden-orange hue. The lingering aftertaste is both sweet and spiced. Lemongrass refreshes, cinnamon stabilizes and Guayusa enlivens. The result is a balanced blend that gratifies the palate and the body.

Everyday Matcha Green Tea - Everyday Matcha starts with a gentle yet robust vegetal green, like fresh spinach. It moves very quickly to subtle sweetness with notes of chestnuts and bittersweet chocolate. This Matcha is a medium to high grade matcha that is economically priced to be able to be enjoyed everyday.

Irish Breakfast Black Tea - This superb, full-bodied tea is a blend of Chinese and Indian black teas, smooth and robust. It's slightly malty with a brisk finish. With the dark dry leaves and a medium dark red-brown liquor, you know you are in for a bold cup.

Juicy Fruit Yerba Mate - As you sip this rich golden infusion, piquant pomegranate with a wave of woodsy yerba mate come to to the forefront. Then as the tea travels down your throat it develops into a full-bodied fruity sweetness, leaving you in the end with a hint of juicy melon, roasted apricots and a whisper of smokiness. Is this what morning dew in a tropical rainforest tastes like to a macaw? We can only imagine that it does.