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New: Lemon Meringue Green Tea

Thomas // 3/13/2018 to Flavored Tea
New: Lemon Meringue Green TeaThis surprising green tea has all the tangy-sweetness of a perfectly prepared lemon meringue pie with no regret! But wait, there’s more… discover the slightly savory scent and flavor of pan-fired green tea.

How to get your friends into tea

Thomas // 3/8/2018 to Cooking With Tea
How to get your friends into teaOne of the many things we love most about tea is it brings people together. We want to share our favorite things with our favorite people. Tea encourages us to slow down and be in the moment. Tea is easy to share, tastes delicious, and it makes us feel good so of course we want to encourage our friends to get into tea.

Loving wine and tea: The best teas for wine lovers

Thomas // 3/5/2018 to Flavored Tea
Loving wine and tea: The best teas for wine loversWine and tea. There are many similarities between these two ever-popular beverages… flavor, complex flavor nuances and huge variety from each plant. Terroir of both wine and tea, the climate and soils, plus altitude and is important to the quality of each. And of course, growing seasons and cultivation methods. 

These two drinks bring people together. It’s great to share a bottle of wine with friends or put the kettle on when someone drops in for a visit. Its lovely to enjoy solo too, but especially fun to share. In many cultures both wine and tea are a central part of social relations. 
There are countless ways to pair wine and tea with a variety of sweet and savory foods. Wine and cheese is a storied combination, inspiring all sorts of pairings. Serving tea with cheese is gaining in popularity. Try a white tea with a manchego sheep cheese.

Six unique tea flavors you've probably never tried

Thomas // 3/1/2018 to Flavored Tea
Six unique tea flavors you've probably never triedStraight and pure teas are delicious on their own, or as the base in sweet and savory blends. Rooibos, honeybush, hibiscus and tulsi also blend well with fruit, spices and herbs. Variety is the spice of life, and we strive to delight our customers with a wide selection of blends. Below you'll find six of our favorite blends that cross the spectrum of teas and tisanes.

How to use spent tea leaves

Thomas // 2/20/2018 to Cooking With Tea
How to use spent tea leavesWe brew loose-leaf tea daily and we find ourselves with a lot of used tea leaves. You want to do more than just compost your leaves and we’ve found several reuse options… from cooking to cleaning.

A green tea for every mood!

Thomas // 2/14/2018 to Flavored Tea
A green tea for every mood! There's a rich diversity in green teas. There's one to fit your every mood and palate. All green tea comes from the same Camellia Sinensis plant, and the delightful differences come from where it is grown and how it is cultivated and processed. Even the time of year it is harvested provides flavor differences.

Celebrate Chinese New Year 2018, Year of the Dog

Thomas // 2/13/2018 to Orthodox Tea
Celebrate Chinese New Year 2018, Year of the DogChinese New Year starts on February 16, 2018 and marks the beginning of the new lunar year according to Chinese tradition. Persistent. Meticulous. Responsible. These characteristics describe those under the Year of the Dog astrologic sign.

Our Top Five Reasons to Love Tea

Thomas // 2/7/2018 to Black Tea
Our Top Five Reasons to Love TeaTea is a ritual; tea is nourishment. It slows you down. It gives you energy. It shifts the day and gives you moments to call your own. There are many fantastic things about tea; here are five of our favorites.

All About Sencha Green Tea

Thomas // 1/30/2018 to Flavored Tea
All About Sencha Green TeaSencha is the quintessential Japanese tea. This special green tea is drunk from sun up to sun down and is considered to be somewhat of a national drink. 

What makes Sencha different from other green teas is its cultivation and processing. Sencha’s leaves are grown in direct sunlight, which makes it further different from other Japanese green teas.

The Ancient Kombucha - Take Your Tea to Another Level

Thomas // 1/23/2018 to Cooking With Tea
The Ancient Kombucha - Take Your Tea to Another LevelKombucha takes your tea to another level. It’s unique and delicious. And it may even help promote a healthy digestive tract. This traditional fermented drink, made with tea and sugar, contains active cultures. The addition of a SCOBY (a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) creates a nutrient-rich drink that provides vitamins, minerals, acids and enzymes. Fermentation can take anywhere from 5-10 days depending on the temperature of the space and the thickness and strength of the scoby. Sugar is consumed during fermentation, so kombucha ends up being a low-sugar drink when ready to consume. It’s slightly sweet and tangy flavor is delicious.
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