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VERY Berry Teas!

Thomas // 8/16/2017 to Flavored Tea
VERY Berry Teas! It's not summer without fresh, juicy berries! This week, we've been adding slices of fresh strawberries into iced Raspberry Champagne White Tea, and blending sweet blueberries into some Black Cherry tea smoothies. Yum!

Very Berry Hibiscus: Full of Fruity Flavor

Thomas // 8/8/2017 to Flavored Tea
Very Berry Hibiscus: Full of Fruity FlavorThe hibiscus flower, in all its vibrant beauty, make the plant very appealing. Hibiscus has long been used in the Caribbean as a favorite base for infusions and fruit tisanes. Not only is it beautiful and flavorful, but it is thought to be a natural way to promote heart health.

Exotic teas for summer vacation!

Thomas // 8/2/2017 to Flavored Tea
Exotic teas for summer vacation!Did someone say summer vacation? Our teas that are guaranteed to get you in the vacation spirit. Get ready for summer travels with our special selection of vacation teas!

Satisfying, Decadent - Its Carrot Cake Rooibos!

Thomas // 7/27/2017 to Flavored Tea
Satisfying, Decadent - Its Carrot Cake Rooibos!This perennial favorite is uncannily like carrot cake. Delicious and spicy, this blend is not just sweet, it also has an exotic quality and layers of flavor. With a warming aroma and taste, it hits a high note of cinnamon, and rounds out to be both soothing and satisfying.

Tea Jello Recipe

Thomas // 7/18/2017 to Cooking With Tea
Tea Jello RecipeWith summer comes brightly colored jiggly Jello cups. This summer try making your own natural Jello flavored with your favorite tea! Many Herbal Teas work great, and you can also make a Sweet Tea Jello that is every bit as delicious as it sounds.

Summery Peach Fuzz White Tea

Thomas // 7/11/2017 to Flavored Tea
Summery Peach Fuzz White TeaThis lovely blend is all about summertime! The white tea base is malty and sweet. It's pretty dry leaf is highlighted with bits of peaches and apples, and the bright orange safflowers. It brews into a cheery, orange-colored infusion. The complex aroma is rich, with notes of baked sweets (think: peach cobbler, apple pie).

The surprising story of American Iced Tea

Thomas // 7/4/2017 to Flavored Tea
The surprising story of American Iced TeaThis story of iced tea dates back to the early 1800s. American 'cookery book' began publishing cold 'tea punch' recipes, usually made with green tea and spiked generously with alcohol.

A Sparkle in Your Cup - Bright, Beautiful Blood Orange Hibiscus

Thomas // 6/27/2017 to Flavored Tea
A Sparkle in Your Cup - Bright, Beautiful Blood Orange HibiscusThe bold and rich tisane Blood Orange Hibiscus has a fruit-forward aroma and a brilliant, lovely rouge colored infusion. These two cues let you know you are about to taste something spectacular. Delicious fruits and blossoms meld together for a tangy, fruity blend with citrus high notes. Sweet hibiscus and orange peel shine through while rose hips add tartness and apple pieces add smoothness.

Teas for Grilling (and Chilling!)

Thomas // 6/20/2017 to Cooking With Tea
Teas for Grilling (and Chilling!) This week we'd like to share how you can use tea in your barbecue. And nope, that wasn't a typo!

Summer Tea Popsicle Recipes

Thomas // 6/13/2017 to Cooking With Tea
Summer Tea Popsicle RecipesWe all love cool treats on warm summer days! You can incorporate your favorite teas to into your popsicles. These treats are simple to make and delicious, and you are making them so you know exactly what is in them (unlike many store-bought frozen treats).
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