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Tea Gift Ideas for Christmas

Thomas // 12/5/2017 to Flavored Tea
Tea Gift Ideas for ChristmasTea and teaware make the perfect gift. Place your order now to ensure your delicious teas arrive in time for Christmas. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Teas for relaxation and better sleep

Thomas // 12/5/2017 to Rooibos Tea
Teas for relaxation and better sleepLooking for a delicious caffeine-free herbal blend to help you relax after a full day? There is something calming about the ritual of sipping a warm infusion before bed. And, plenty of herbal tisanes have health benefits and can help you slip into off to sleep a little faster. Herbals may work in two ways; they provide a mix of calming ingredients and give us permission to relax, slow down, and ready our self for sleep.

Taking time for yourself during the holidays

Thomas // 11/28/2017 to Flavored Tea
Taking time for yourself during the holidaysWe all have a lot on our life plate. Taking a moment to center yourself each day can help you to focus on tasks at hand, check your goals and create space for gratitude.

Soothing Tea for Sore Throats

Thomas // 11/21/2017 to Flavored Tea
Soothing Tea for Sore ThroatsIt’s that time of year. The wintery weather brings the joys of the holiday season, and a few ailments as well. For many people, there’s something soothing about sipping a mug of tea; the warmth, the aroma, and the variety of teas and herbal tisanes make it a classic choice. Teas can also help you feel better. Many teas contain antioxidants that help support a healthy immune system and promote healing.

NINE new teas! Plus, our biggest sale of the year is almost here...

Thomas // 11/16/2017 to Flavored Tea
NINE new teas! Plus, our biggest sale of the year is almost here... It's almost time for our biggest sale of the year! Keep an eye out for our Black Friday Sale next week to stock up on your favorite teas and get a head start on holiday shopping. And… check out the nine new teas we've just added to our store. You may just find a few new faves!

Gift Sets for the Holidays – The art of giving

Thomas // 11/14/2017 to Flavored Tea
Gift Sets for the Holidays – The art of givingSharing the love of tea is a great part of holiday gifting. Our collection holds many perfect combinations to fit your friends and family.

How to pair tea and cheese

Thomas // 11/7/2017 to Black Tea
How to pair tea and cheeseLike other classic pairings; wine and chocolate, beer and sausage, Champagne and strawberries, bringing together tea and cheese offers a sublime high note. The versatility of tea fits a variety of occasions and will conjure up many a mood with its array of possible combinations.

Pairing Tea with Sweets - Plus, a Creme Brulee Recipe

Thomas // 11/2/2017 to Cooking With Tea
Pairing Tea with Sweets - Plus, a Creme Brulee RecipeTake the time to relax, reflect and enjoy your favorite cup of tea with dessert after a meal. What could be more enjoyable? Served alongside desserts, classic flavored teas and tisanes can highlight both the sweet and the drink. Perfectly paired treats will enhance (not overpower) what you're sipping.

Cozy Thanksgiving Teas

Thomas // 10/31/2017 to Flavored Tea
Cozy Thanksgiving TeasIt’s that time of year, when we gather with friends and family to enjoy meals together. Whether you have a large, traditional feast or something unique, tea can be an important part of your holiday. There are a variety of warming, flavorful, even spicy teas perfect for preparing the meal, dining, and the lingering conversational time afterward.

Roasted Pumpkin Yerba Mate – the Aroma of Pumpkin Pie!

Thomas // 10/24/2017 to Flavored Tea
Roasted Pumpkin Yerba Mate – the Aroma of Pumpkin Pie!This robust autumnal blend of pumpkin and yerba mate, with a duo of rooibos and honeybush combined for complexity, delivers a robust, full-bodied brew. Traditional pumpkin spices and untraditional candied peanuts, buckwheat and sweet potato bits round out the creaminess of the cup. Enjoy this flavorful, creamy mate latte recipe!
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