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How much caffeine is in my tea?

Thomas // 5/23/2018 to Black Tea
How much caffeine is in my tea?Even tea fanatics can get jittery if they drink too much caffeine… Here is some insight on the caffeine in your favorite tea. 

Of note, all true tea from the Camellia sinensis plant contains caffeine. This includes black, oolong, green, white and even decaffeinated tea. Caffeine is a natural stimulant found in a variety of food and beverages including tea, coffee, colas and chocolate. 

Featured Tea: Blackberry Maple Black Tea

Thomas // 5/22/2018 to Flavored Tea
Featured Tea: Blackberry Maple Black TeaBlackberry Maple Black Tea is one of those tea blends so well-crafted it appeals to tea connoisseurs just as much as it does to the masses and newbies. It's rich and sweet without being over the top. 

Besides being sweet and tart, blackberries are nutrient-dense and full of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K plus riboflavin and Niacin. And, they are a mineral source containing calcium, iron and magnesium.

Why loose-leaf tea?

Thomas // 5/16/2018 to Tea Accessories
Why loose-leaf tea? Tea is personal; everyone has their own way to make the perfect cup. Drinking loose-leaf offers another way to add even more variety to your daily tea rituals. It’s a small way to be more present, to watch the tea leaves unfurl, to wait for the right moment to pour your freshly made tea into your favorite cup.

Flash Sale: All Yerba Mate Teas 20% Off through 5/24/18!

Thomas // 5/10/2018 to Flavored Tea
Flash Sale: All Yerba Mate Teas 20% Off through 5/24/18! Get your summer bod with the help of our Yerba Mate flash sale! Yerba Mate is an invigorating drink made from a plant native to the subtropical forests of South America. It’s a small tree from the holly family, mostly grown in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. For generations the Guarani people have considered it healthy for both the body and the soul.

Celebrities who love tea

Thomas // 5/9/2018 to Black Tea
Celebrities who love teaCelebs love their tea! Here are some famous stars who love a good cuppa tea.

“We’re famous? Excellent. Let’s have a cup of tea.”  

- The Beatles

How to kick sugar cravings with tea and tisanes

Thomas // 5/1/2018 to Flavored Tea
How to kick sugar cravings with tea and tisanesTrying to take in less sugar? We know it’s not good for us. Give loose-leaf teas a try—there is an option for everyone. Don’t mind caffeine? There are white, green and black teas to satisfy your sweet tooth. Can’t have any caffeine… select a tisane, rooibos or honeybush blend.

Aromatic, enchanting Jasmine Green Teas

Thomas // 4/24/2018 to Flavored Tea
Aromatic, enchanting Jasmine Green TeasWhat a treasure. Fine Chinese green teas blended with jasmine to create lush, fragrant blends. It’s fully flavored, but there is also has a gentleness and a nectar-like sweetness that lingers with each sip.

Tea Spotlight: Salted Coconut Truffle Black Tea

Thomas // 4/17/2018 to Cooking With Tea
Tea Spotlight: Salted Coconut Truffle Black TeaThis truly indulgent black tea is rich and chocolaty. From the start, dark chocolate aromas dominate. Beneath the chocolate, you'll find hints of coconut, black tea and sea salt. The nut-brown brew is rich and savory-sweet. The rich cocoa beans and toasted coconut add a deep richness and organic honeybush and a bit of apple lend a complex and surprising sweetness. It's a blend chocolate lovers will adore!

WIN a $100 Fusion Teas Gift Certificate! The Tea Trivia Continues

Thomas // 4/12/2018 to Flavored Tea
WIN a $100 Fusion Teas Gift Certificate! The Tea Trivia ContinuesWe're holding a giveaway for a $100 Fusion Teas Gift Certificate! This is the second of three tea trivia questions. For every question you answer correctly, you'll get an entry into the drawing! This week's question is about relaxing teas...

Why Shop at Fusion Teas?

Thomas // 4/11/2018 to Flavored Tea
Why Shop at Fusion Teas?There are few things better than finding a new favorite tea. We love drinking old favorites too. With the great variety we have at our fingertips it can be easy to find the best. Fusion Teas was founded to deliver on the vast teas and tisanes available. Here are three great reasons to shop Fusion Teas.
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