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Fire, Smoke and… Mango Oolong?

Thomas // 7/18/2018 to Flavored Tea
Fire, Smoke and… Mango Oolong?One sniff of Smoked Mango Oolong Tea and you know you are in for a unique tea experience. The aroma is at first sweet, then smoky and slightly spicy. You also get intriguing earthy notes. The highly-oxidized Oolong serves as a base for this complex tea blend. Flavors of stone fruit, mango, wood and smoke are all present. Safflower and marigold petals make it a pretty tea, while chili flakes and dry mango add to the substantial flavor. Mild heat and an almost syrupy mouthfeel could just make this tea one of your favorites. 
To bring this unique tea to another level…Add a shot of your favorite whiskey, a teaspoon of honey, a squeeze of lime and you have another inventive version of this drink. Decadent served hot or brew the oolong double strength and serve over ice.

Tips for Traveling with Tea

Thomas // 7/12/2018 to Tea Accessories
Tips for Traveling with TeaSummer vacay? Take your tea with you! We love to explore -- new places and new teas. Are you getting ready for your vacation? Summer is all about exploration. Whether you are camping, staying with family, or in a hotel, it is easy to enjoy your favorite teas.

Summer Fruit Teas

Thomas // 7/11/2018 to Flavored Tea
Summer Fruit TeasOur summer fruit teas come in a rainbow of colors and flavors. The sweet notes of strawberry, the zing of lime, and a luscious peach strike the perfect balance between naturally astringent black teas and floral or vegetal green teas and the mellow white tea.

Summer iced tea recipes

Thomas // 7/5/2018 to Recipes
Summer iced tea recipesThese warm summer days are a perfect time to explore refreshing iced tea. And it’s simple to make… Just select your favorite teas and brew them stronger than usual. And with so many flavors, pure teas, and herbal tisanes to choose from, the hardest part might be deciding which iced tea to make first!

Tea Popsicle Recipes

Thomas // 6/28/2018 to Cooking With Tea
Tea Popsicle Recipes Want to make sure the freezer is stocked with treats to grab when you need something refreshing? Try tea popsicles. They are hydrating and cooling, especially perfect after summer activities like a walk on the beach, playing at the park with your kids, or just getting home from work.

Tipsy Teas

Thomas // 6/26/2018 to Black Tea
Tipsy TeasLet the party begin! What’s better than a cup of tea? Perhaps a tea that is reminiscent of your favorite wine… These teas are celebratory and wine-inspired. They are also thirst-quenching and good for you.

Chocolate & Mint: A Match Made in Heaven

Thomas // 6/20/2018 to Flavored Tea
Chocolate & Mint: A Match Made in HeavenLooking for a minty fresh aroma in every decadent sip? Try our fresh, stimulating chocolate and mint teas. Chocolate and mint is a classic dessert pairing and you can enjoy them in your cup. These teas are perfect for summer served over ice, and lovely and satisfying piping hot.

What's red and tangy and good for your heart? Hibiscus tea!

Thomas // 6/14/2018 to Flavored Tea
What's red and tangy and good for your heart? Hibiscus tea! Bold, tart and so full of flavor! Hibiscus is a longtime favorite in much of the Caribbean, and it's gaining favor as a natural way to promote heart health.

Perfect for Summer - Tea Smoothie Bowl Recipes

Thomas // 6/12/2018 to Cooking With Tea
Perfect for Summer - Tea Smoothie Bowl Recipes This time of year, the blender comes out and smoothies abound. Smoothie bowls are versatile ¾they are cool, refreshing and healthful. Smoothie bowls are hydrating and can be a treat or a meal replacement. And dare I say they are beautiful!

Decadent Caramel Teas for Your Sweet Tooth

Thomas // 6/5/2018 to Flavored Tea
Decadent Caramel Teas for Your Sweet ToothHeating sugar and water or cream until they “caramelize” a delicious sweet treat is created. Caramel can be served as a sauce, a filling, an ingredient to cookies and desserts or made into moist, chewy candies. Rich, dark caramel, brown sugar, molasses… One would think we are describing dessert, yes, and we are also describing tea and tisanes.
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