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Featured Tea: Blackberry Maple Black Tea

Thomas // 5/22/2018 to Flavored Tea
Featured Tea: Blackberry Maple Black TeaBlackberry Maple Black Tea is one of those tea blends so well-crafted it appeals to tea connoisseurs just as much as it does to the masses and newbies. It's rich and sweet without being over the top.  

Besides being sweet and tart, blackberries are nutrient-dense and full of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K plus riboflavin and Niacin. And, they are a mineral source containing calcium, iron and magnesium. 
Black tea gives the blend a distinct malty note. The flavors of sweet blackberries and even sweeter maple syrup are clear, but not overdone. Blackberry leaves put forward a mildly astringent layer in this sophisticated blend. The tannic, herbaceous blackberry leaf adds depth to the blend, plus the added bonus of knowing it has been consumed for centuries for its health benefits. 
Juicy berry sweetness plus maple notes make this great iced as well as hot. With summer on the way, nothing beats iced tea. 

Iced Blackberry Maple Recipe 

2 teaspoons Blackberry Maple Black Tea per 8 ounces boiling water 
Steep tea for a full 5 minutes, then strain leaves 
Pour into pitcher 
Add ice 
Sweeten to taste 

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